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Problems installing a new Dlink Dir 655 router with Comcast

I have had an older Linksys router running my network for quite some time, and everything has been running like a nicely tuned clock. My router has gets an IP address from my high speed interenet provider Comcast and the router has been giving out IP addresses to my internal computers on my network so all computers can access the internet.

Finally, my router has been showing some of its age; I have been rebooting it almost daily, it drops some wireless computers not allowing them to access anything, while wired computers are working as normal. It has not always been keeping track of DHCP properly. So at times, the router will give out the same IP address to two different computers causing a network conflict.

Therefore, after some research and talking with some friends on what they have had success and failure with, I finally decide on the make and model of my new router (Dlink Dir 655) and I go purchase the unit. Being a prepared individual, I looked at the installation instrauctions before I got started. The instructions consisted of about a page, one side showing the cabling of the new router and on the other side, how to run the install utility.

Thinking that this should not take too long, I went into my office, unplugged the old router, and put into place the new router. I then proceeded to run the install wizard. The wizard completed up tostep three (looking for the internet) and failed. The only help provided at this time was to call tech support. Not wanting a router to get the best of me, I went into the router settings using the web browser and user name and password provided. So far, so good! Everything looked normal, except when I went to the Status page and found that I was not getting an IP address from my Cable modem from Comcast. I did not even have the option of release/renew as the options are grayed out on the screen.

Therefore, I resolved to call tech support. I have to admit that I was not all that happy having to call them, and I was less happy with thequality of tech support received. I talked to the tech for about 30 minutes. I found that it I put the old router back into place, I was getting an IP address. If I connect, direct to a computer (only recommended for testing purposes) or when connecting to a router (other than the old one I had been using) I was not able to get an IP address. I even had a spare router, and tried that, still a no go. The advice from tech support…. Take back the router and exchange it for another one.

I am glad that I did not take the advice, because I would have been unhappy. First, I would have wasted time going back to the store (Costco) and we all know how long it can take getting through Costco. Second, I would have returned to the exact same issue. Third, I would have wasted so much time between goings, explaining, and re-setting up the new one, I would want to change brands.

So I did the next best thing, I did some research on the internet. I plugged the old router in and began to look for issues connecting with Comcast. Although, I did not find anything definate, nor anything that spelled out my issue; my gut told me to call Comcast. Somewhere I remember having some issue similar when I was setting the original router up years ago.

I explained all the steps that I took to the tech support person. He listened patiently, which is always nice, and told me that we needed to reset the cable modem. He said that fortunately, I had done all the heavy trouble-shooting and he knows that the issue is the Cable modem. He then told me that the cable modem remember the MAC address of the router in the system and will only give an IP address to the router that it remembers. Therefore, we need to reset the modem and allow it to find the new router.

His first set of instructions included the Cable Modem, the new router, and a PC. The PC only caused issues, so we are going to go through the steps in the way that I found that worked the best. First, plug the network cable between the Cable modem and router. Next, make sure the router is unplugged. Third, do not plug any PC’s into the router just yet. Have the PC on, just not plugged in. Now, press and release the Cable modems reset button. Wait for the unit to fully recycle and where all the lights are on as normal. Now, plug the power into the router, allow the router to fully boot-up. Now that both units are up and running, plug the nework cable from your PC into the router. If you are running Windows Vista, it may pop-up with a screen asking you to determine what kind of network you are joining. Cancel this window. Now, run the install CD for the Router, this ensures that the router is getting the IP address from the Cable modem. Once the install is complete, check the ip address on the PC. To do this, go to Start>Run, put in cmd, and click ok. When the black window comes up put in “ipconfig” without the quote marks. This will show the IP address for the computer.


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So I tried the above and it seems to work. The cable modem now uses the dlink 655 router MAC address.
Next time comcast changes the address I'll see if it actually works. In the past, the router was hanging.

However, I still have a performance issue. After the router gets a new ip from comcast, the wireless speed is absolutely lousy. If I plug in a cable, it flies and after that even the wireless speed is superb...
Any ideas?


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